How Having a Sound Attitude Applies to Work

We have learned that when we add emotions to what we think of or perceive, it heightens our intention and motivation to take action. Our emotions are the core that brings more intensity and magnitude to how we think, feel, and act. It gives life or stagnation depending on how a person amplifies it in their life.

Our  Work Attitude is highly affected by our feelings towards our actual work and our interaction with the people we work with. Our Work Behavior is part of our Work Attitude, and this work behavior is how other people interpret our attitude toward them.

Our attitude towards other people is affected by how they make you feel at work, how you perceive what they think about you, and how you perceive what they do.

What you perceive and what you feel define your actions and interactions. Mind plus heart equals actions. Your perception is based on how you think and what you believe; while your feelings are based on how your emotions interpret what you see.

If you think good of people and interpret other people’s actions with goodness and not with malice or with negative assumptions, these people around you in turn will do the same they will accept your good actions and deeds towards them.

What goes around comes around. All that affects our attitude towards people also affects our behavior, our human relations, and most of all our performance at work.

Our Work Performance or how good or bad we do our work is based on two behavior factors: your job satisfaction and your organizational commitment.

Job Satisfaction is your feelings towards your work while Organizational Commitment is your emotional connection and relationship with the people you work for (your employer) and work with (your colleagues).

Both these behavior factors determine how happy and satisfied we will be at work which leads to the quality of work we do and the length of stay we will have in the company.

People with higher job satisfaction perform better at work and tend to stay longer in the company they work for. This is why employers place great emphasis on people’s attitudes when hiring.

Although there are other factors affecting job satisfaction and organizational commitment that we cannot control, we have to start with that one thing that we CAN control which is our work attitude.

This is why we need to know how we can maintain our positive attitude to reap positive benefits for our careers.